Benefits of Sophos Firewall

Sophos Firewall XGS series is great value for all that it achieves for a business. Here are the main benefits of Sophos Firewall XGS solutions:

Sophos Firewall EcoSystem

Sophos Firewall is more than just a Firewall. It enables a cyber security ECOSYSTEM

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Sophos Next Generation Firewall Features

The new XGS series is the next generation firewall packed with security features under a single chassis.

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Sophos Central Management & Reporting

Sophos XGS comes with centralized cloud management for all your business firewalls, enabling single pane of glass management for your firewall.

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Sophos Simplified Licensing

Simplified licensing bundles take away the complexity device management. See the license bundles and features included.

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Sophos Enhanced Support

Your next generation firewalls are backed by 24/7 support. For critical businesses support needs, enhanced support is available.

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 Benefits of Sophos Firewall

There are 5 key benefits of the new Sophos Firewall XGS.

These are;

1- Cybersecurity ecosystem

2- Next Generation Firewall features

3- Centralized management and reporting

4- Simplified licensing

5- Enhanced support