More than just a Firewall - Simplified Security Single Vendor

How many security portals is your IT security team managing?

Sophos Single Vendor Platform

See the power of Sophos as single cybersecurity vendor covering multiple security solutions.

Simplify your network security with consolidated platform covering network firewall, LAN switchs, WIFI APs and close integaration with Sophos MDR, provide security for workers no matter where they are, at home, hotel, or the office. All this managed in a single managed console running in the close.

Cybersecurity As A Service

Don't have a dedicated 24/7 Security Team in your business ? No worries, we got your back.

Introducing Sophos Managed Dectection and Response, aka, Cybersecurity As A Service operating 24/7 for your business.

Great Security solutions all in one place

Show diagram - Sophos Central in middle services all around.

Key features of this security ECOSYSTEM.

All this without compromising on performance and cost.

  • Central Management
  • Software Defined Remote Ethernet Device (SD-RED)
  • Remote VPN
  • Wireless Access Point - controller
  • Managed Threat Response
  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection (Severs/PCs/Macs)
  • Cloud Protection
  • Central Reporting

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