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A next generation firewall protection

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Small Business firewalls

The best small business firewalls that are designed to protect small business networks and their end users

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Mid range firewalls

Mid Range firewalls are engineered for business environments that have a growing number of employees

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enterprise firewalls

Enterprise firewalls are appliances that are engineered to be the central hub of all network security activity.

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XGS SeriesSecurity is finally simplified brining Visibility, Protection, It's more than just a firewall, it's an ECOSYSTEM.

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Fortinet FortiGate firewalls are more than just a firewall. They are part of a security ecosystem.

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Benefits to Businesses

Reduce business risk from cyber threat and attacks

  • Ransomware
  • Insider threat prevention
  • Data loss prevention
  • Human error
  • Malicious web traffic
  • Supply chain security
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MDR 24/7 service

Managed Detection and Response is 24/7 cybersecurity service that reduces risk from cyber attacks and threats. Add it to your business security for peace of mind. Available as a managed service or self-managed. Contact for MDR service details.

Incident Response Service

Is your business under an active cyber attack?!
Our Incident Response service is ready 24/7 to help stop the active threat

Managed Firewall Services

Our managed firewall services provide technical expertise to maintain, operate and support your next generation firewalls

Professional Services

Our professional services are here to help provide technical expertise from the most basic functions to the most complex deployments.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Advance your career in cyber security by learning new skills. We offer the following cyber security training online

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What is MDR?
MDR stands for Managed Detection and Response. It is a type of cybersecurity service that combines threat detection, incident response, and security expertise to protect against cyber threats. Learn more about our MDR Service.
How does MDR differ from traditional antivirus or firewall services?
MDR stands for Managed Detection and Response. While traditional Antivirus or Firewall services focuse on security tools to detect and block, they lack a live response capability. Live response is when a security analyst is able to actively intervine in a cyber incident and take active measures to contain the threat and then stop its impact. The "Managed" part of MDR service means, its is "done for you". Learn more about our MDR Service power by Sophos MDR.
What types of threats does MDR protect against?
MDR stands for Managed Detection and Response. It runs 24/7 and is there provide detection and response to cyber threats and attacks. These cyber threats and attacks can be ransomware attack, denial of service attack or data theft attacks.
What is the cost of MDR services?
MDR service is priced in two ways. Firstly is a per user term subscription of 1/2/3 years. Second is a monthly per user subscription. Both achived the same outcome. One is CAPEX based and paid upfront, while the later is OPEX based and paid month to month. Contact us for MDR pricing for either scenario.
How do I choose an MDR provider?
Today there are many falvors of MDR services. Our recommendation is select a service provider that best suites your business requirements and objectives in a cost efficient and effective manner. Learn more about our MDR services power by Sophos MDR.