Simplified Licensing

Sophos Firewalls have evolved to simplified and flexible licencing plan.


Bundled Licensing for easy selection:

There at 3 licencing bundle options for term licensing your Sophos Firewall:

License Type Features
Base Networking, Wireless, Xstream Architecture, Unlimited Remote Access VPN, Site-to-Site VPN, reporting
Standard Protection Bundle Base + Network Protection + Web Protection
Xstream Protection bundle (recommended) Base + Standard + Zero-Day Protection



Add-on Licenses:

Each of them have the capability to add-on option license modules as needed. The modules available are;

Zero-Day Protection

Central Firewall Reporting Adv.

Email Protection

Web Server Protection


Monthly Licensing: 

Monthly licensing are options are available. These are paid on monthly basis. Contact us for details.


Enhanced Support:

Enhanced support is included in all protection bundles (excluding Base license which has limited support), but you can enhance your support experience further by upgrading

Addition Support Options: Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade (optional)

Upgrade your support with VIP support, HW warranty for add-ons, TAM option (extra cost)


Download Sophos Feature List (scroll to bottom of page for Sophos XGS Feature List download)


Download Sophos XGS Brochure (scroll to bottom of page for Sophos XGS Brochure download)


Please note:

Some features are not supported on XGS 87 and XG 86 models (on-box reporting, dual AV scanning, WAF AV scanning and email message transfer agent (MTA) functionality)

MSP licensing options differ slightly to the above