Sophos Firewalls have evolved to simplified and flexible licencing plan.

Bundled Licensing for easy selection:There at 3 licencing bundle options for term licensing your Sophos Firewall:


  • Networking, Wireless
  • Xstream Architecture
  • Unlimited Remote Access VPN
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Reporting

Standard Protection Bundle

  • Base
  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection

Xstream Protection bundle

  • Base
  • Standard
  • Zero-Day Protection


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Achieve greater protection with Simplified Licence for Sophos Firewall 


3 main options to choose from.

1) Base

2) Standard Protection

3) Xstream Protection


4) Zero-Day

5) Central Orchestration

6) Central Firewall Advanced Reporting

7) Email Protection

8) Webserver Protection