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Navigating Sophos Firewall License subscriptions - Which one should you purchase?

Posted by undefined Saif Khan on 2023 Dec 21st

Sophos Firewall Licenses explained

Sophos Firewall XGS services is the latest rearchitected next generation firewall that was introduced in 2021.

The hardware has been completely resigned but that not all. The appliances run on new SFOS that has also been simplified. Let's find out more about the Sophos Firewall Licenses and our recommendations.

Sophos Firewall Licenses categories and add-on options

The SFOS (Sophos Firewall Operating System) has been greatly simplified and also is very flexible in selections. The Sophos Firewall licenses come in 3 main packages, along with 6 optional add-on licences;

1) Base License

2) Stand Protection License

3) Xstream Protection License

4) Optional add-on Licenses

Here is an info graphic showing all three options along with the optional add-on licenses;

When you purchase a Sophos Firewall XGS series appliance, the Sophos Next Generation Firewalls is shipped preloaded with the Base License.

The base license as you can see in the info graphic does not include Enhance Support.Furthermore, it also does not include Sophos Software updates.

It's therefore our recommendations to select Sophos Xstream Protection license as this is includes best features that most businesses should have.

Add-on Licenses can be added at will, for example Web Server Protection to enable Web Application Firewall.

You can also contact us and request for a recommendation prior to making your purchase.