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Looking to reduce business risk from Ransomware ? Look at enabling Sophos MDR Complete services

Posted by undefined Saif Khan on 2023 Nov 1st

60% of businesses we hit with Ransomware. This is a statistic thats not in businesses favor. So how can your business quickly reduce it risk from such cyber attacks like Ransomware?

The answer is, subscribe to Sophos 24/7 MDR Complete service. This is available in 2 flavors;

1) Monthly MDR service $40/mo/user, which no contracts. Contact us for a quote.

2) MDR Complete Term yearly subscription, 1/2/3 year subscriptions 

Your business can purchase the MDR Complete term subscription directly from our website. 

Here's the link where you can find the pricing;

This is available for PCs, MACs, and Server (Window/Linux) endpoints and include XDR as well. A complete feature comparison for Endpoint security is shown here.

The pricing listed is for 1 - 9 users. If you business is large enterprise with 100 to 10,000 users, we can provide quote for you as well. Please contact us and a human will be in touch with you about it.

The installation process takes minutes and your business can be secured from Ransomware and many other cyber attacks. It time for you to relax while we protect your business with Sophos MDR Complete services.

For complete brochure Sophos MDR services, please contact us.