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Fortinet security stack solution - single vendor solution

Posted by undefined Saif Khan on 2022 Nov 14th

Cybersecurity needs to be simplified.

If your business is running a multivendor solution, you could be spending alot of time trying to make different systems interoperate with each other. Or worse, when there's trouble, the finger pointing begins.

To gain back your time and easy of management, we recommend employing a single vendor cybersecurity stack solution for your business. This saves you alot of time in ease of management from a single console. Also since the entire security stack is a single vendor, there is complete interoperability between all security functions. 

Fortinet can provide such a solutions with the following products;

Fortinet Fortigate - Next Generation Firewall
Fortinet FortiSwitch - LAN switch

FortiAP - WIFI accesspoint

FortifXDR - XDR endpoint security