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Benefits of upgrading legacy firewall to Next Generation Firewall

Posted by undefined Saif Khan on 2023 Dec 15th

Benefits of upgrading your legacy firewall to Next Generation Firewall.

Many businesses are running legacy firewalls in their environment, either knowingly or unknowingly.

The important point here is to understand the business benefits achieved by the move from legacy to next generation firewall.

Legacy firewalls are typically able to control traffic by looking at the traffic based on Protocol and Ports. This was fine many years ago, but now with advanced malware, the legacy firewalls cannot catch the malware since it runs at the application layer of the data traffic.

Good news here is that Next Generation Firewalls have to capability to detect and scan application traffic and perform various security controls on them. One example is Web Filtering. This feature scan the website being visited by the user. If the firewall determines that this is a malicious website, it will simply block it.

Another benefits of next generation firewalls are TLS decryption, Application Control, Zero-Day Threats scans, IDS/IPS, malware scanning and DLP.

With these added advanced features of the next generation firewall, the business is able to reduce its risk from cyber threats and attacks greater than their legacy family.

Our recommendation for businesses is;

1) Review your current firewall status - how old is it and what features are enabled in the firewall OS license

2) Have a no obligation Next Generation Firewall scan conducted - here a  next generation firewall is deployed in view only mode to identify traffic flowing in and out of the business environment and eventually advise on risks that it may pose.

For either scenario, reach out to use here and for help with selecting your next generation firewall. Did I say we can help with deployment and management of them as well.