Managed Firewall Services

What is Managed Firewall Service?

Our managed firewall services provide technical expertise to maintain, operate and support your next generation firewalls, post purchase.

There are 3 main parts of the managed firewall service;


1. Firewall Maintenance

This services includes performing for maintenance service on the firewall. These include performing the following activates;

A. Firewall configuration Backups management:

Firewall configuration should be backed up securely, either locally offline, or in the cloud. We can enable both for you next generation firewall.

B. Firewall software upgrade

Firewalls are continuously being upgrade with new software. Its crucial to keep the firewall updated with latest software updates. We can help maintain the firewall software status for your business.


2. Firewall operations

You've made a great decision to invest in a next generation firewall, but now it must be configured and operated properly to achieve the best security posture for your business.

The firewall operations services includes performing configuration changes on the firewall, as requested by your business, or as a requirement for securing the environment.

Some configuration requirements the businesses include are;

A. Firewall security rules and policy setup

B. Firewall remote VPN setup

C. Application server access from external user

We  include 2 firewall configuration changes per month at no cost to you.


3. Firewall Support:

Your firewall may encounter technical issues which may require direct vendor support contact for resolution. We take care of the vendor support cases for you, until the issue is resolved.

This also includes any hardware replacement and returns.

Service Hours

The managed firewall service is available M-F 9am-5pm, for firewall operation service requests. Firewall maintenance and support operate based severity level.


We got your back

Not all businesses have a dedicated security team to manage their security infrastructure. We here to become your security team extension and provide you the support you need for your firewalls. Contact us today to get started.

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